New Possibilities

A Post-MAGA Speculation


The first science fiction novel featuring Donald Trump's interstellar conquests

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New Possibilities: A Post-MAGA Speculation

What is New Possibilities?

New Possibilities is an ambitious reality show created by TTV - Trump Television. Fed up that no country could ever get it right, Donald Trump decided to try his hand at space colonization. As usual, when Donald Trump does something, he's in it to win big. New Possibilities: A Post-MAGA Speculation follows the story of those on the paradise planet of New Lago as they struggle to build new lives and realize their dreams, and the changes the planet must make to cope with potential destruction from alien forces.

What is a Post-MAGA Speculation?

Science fiction ages poorly. Take a look at Alfred Bester's The Stars My Destination. It is a sci-fi classic and sometimes referred to as science fiction's The Count of Monte Cristo. It’s an excellent read and still holds up well from a literary perspective, but something doesn’t seem right in regards to the technology. The Stars My Destination was written in the 50s, before widespread use of computers. Nobody in the novel uses a computer, and that’s because Bester hadn’t envisioned how computers would dominate future generations.

Another example, Orson Scott Card’s Speaker for the Dead, was written in the 80s. It is still loved today, but Card wrote this novel before the prevalence of cell phones. Much of the plot is advanced by the protagonist wandering about a village, searching for his sister. The story works well, but for a modern reader, one must ask why nobody takes three seconds to send a text message.

In the same vein, I purport that all science fiction has been rendered irrelevant. No science fiction author, no matter their brilliance, could have predicted the presidency of Donald Trump and the impact it will bring. Post-MAGA Speculation tries to imagine the future that will be shaped by Trump’s hands and the marvels it will behold.


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